Hey, how’s it going?

Welcome to Shoot the Writer. Nice to virtually meet you.

Shoot the Writer is all about taming the beast.

What beast?

Well, none but the most cunning of them all. The almighty behemoth, that is the English language.

What we have here is a one-stop shop for professionals in need of blue-chip writing/proofreading services, and a totally awesome blogging godsend for anyone and everyone entranced or enraged by punctuation, grammar, spelling and cheese.

Hmm, one of those might be a little fib.


Ooh, sorry. Totes felt you cringe just then. Maybe we'll leave internet slang and modern word shortenings for another day, eh?*

What I will say is the Shoot the Writer blog is here to clarify points of grammar, and openly debate stuff like the evolution of English. Its aim is to support fellow scribes in their pursuit of the best damned writing on the planet. And maybe sort out some of the bizarre language quirks we've got goin' on too. You know, just for the lulz* (last one, I promise!).

So join in, because, as the site tagline proclaims, it's time for the grammar junkies of the world to unite and take over.

Incidentally, do you think Shoot the Writer sounds a little bit filmic? Yeah, me too, sounds kinda like a movie doesn’t it?

Woo-hoo! I love that. Played for it and scored!

Confession time: behind the scenes here it's pretty much a one-woman show. So the company name, and the connotations it provokes, is important because it reflects my background in independent films. (Writing, making and reviewing them.)

Most of the projects I've had a hand in are kinda obscure (Sound and Fury anyone? Smoke? Live Flix?), but they have all contributed to what now constitutes a lifetime of niche knowledge.

Basically, I know a ton of stuff about writing, and a shitload of stuff about  films. And you can benefit from both here at Shoot the Writer.

Perhaps you're a screenplay writer for film/television? Or maybe you write stories that bloody well should be on the big screen!

Cool. Then you should definitely check out my proofreading/editing services. They were made for you.

Or, maybe...

Maybe what you really need is a super-duper magenta haired trooper to whiz up some top-notch content for you.

That's cool, I'm right here.

I'm a seasoned online/print writer who's authored articles about everything under the sun. From psychology to the solar system, and volcanic activity to the rise of AI (can't help it, I do love me some robots!)

I was also the Foreign Films Feature Writer at Suite 101 (god rest its soul), and am a walking encyclopedia of facts about the cinema of social realism.

So if any of that chimes with you, please get in touch. It would be lovely to hear from you.

Come to Shoot the Writer for clean copy and copy clean ups