I’m Michelle Strozykowski, a freelance writer, proofreader, blogger, and a big fan of words and pictures. (Seriously, I’m the biggest cinema nut going, and a self-styled grammar junkie to boot.)

Shoot the Writer is a blog about stuff like words, spelling, punctuation and grammar. You know, good stuff. Important stuff!

If waking up to Google news stories on your phone means beginning every day screaming, “Where’s the bloody proofreader? How did this shit get published?” Then you, my friend, and me should get together and talk.

Because together (cue rousing music) we shall surely navigate the choppy waters of the English language. We shall rise up against the tyranny of could ofs and should ofs. We shall fight them on the beaches to overcome cacoepies and grocer’s apostrophes. And we shall be victorious.


(Much whooping, hollering, applause)

How does that sound? Touch too despotic? Sorry. I’m nice really. Promise. Definitely far more grammar nerd than grammar nazi anyway.

Because sometimes we all need a helping hand. Sometimes the beautiful mess that is the English language trips us up and leaves us in a tangled mess, surrounded by thorny brambles. Even the best of us. So, in that respect, Shoot the Writer is here to help, not knock. No one’s getting left behind. Not on my watch. Take my hand and I’ll get you out of the gorse.