Hire Me

Well hello there!

Me? Oh go on then, as yer askin’. Yes, I most certainly am a writer/proofreader for hire. And yes you are most welcome to contact me, right here, with any and all enquiries. I’d love to hear from you.

I write a lot about writing here at Shoot the Writer, natch, but my particular area of expertise is the independent film industry. I’m a total cinephile, particularly when it comes to the British New Wave cinema. I can’t get enough of those angry young men, those wretched poor cows, those lonely long distance runners. I even wrote my dissertation based on the genre. (Which isn’t really that weird, I did study for a degree in film.)

So hey, if you’re a film writer, a fiction author, a television scripter, an entertainment blogger, or anything in between, well then my friend, we could be a match made in heaven. As an expert story analyst/proofreader/editor, I’m like an extra arrow in your quiver. The one you pull out when you need to deliver that final killer blow. Why? Well because I’m a dab hand at ironing out inconsistencies in manuscripts, tidying up grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, fact checking work, finding and maintaining the flow, and polishing everything up till it’s so shiny it dazzles. I’ll work diligently and quietly in the background for you, maintaining standards of the utmost integrity and confidentiality. And I absolutely will not stop. Oh, hang on a minute. That’s Terminator isn’t it? I will stop. I’ll stop when the writing is so near to perfection it’s practically singing arias. Stick with me buster, I’ve got your back.

I work in British English or American English, and charge in either pounds or dollars. (US clients will require a PayPal account.)

Proofreading rates start at £1.50 ($2.00) per page. (Standard British publishing protocol – A4, 3cm margins, double spaced, Times New Roman, Courier or Ariel fonts set to 12 pts.)

Copywriting/content writing assignments are taken on an individual basis, and are priced accordingly, but to give you a rough idea I would expect an hourly (day) rate of at least £10.99 ($14.50).

So, are you interested in getting scripts, screenplays, books or blogs checked over by my beady eyes? Cool! Let’s do it. Let’s kick this thang into orbit.

Email me some details, even if it’s just the bare bones of an idea, and I’ll get back to you with a quote.



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